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        Xuzhou College of Industrial Technology is located in the Han culture tourism area, with its south facing scenic Jiuli Mountain and north facing rippling Jiuli Lake. The natural environment is so beautiful and cultural atmosphere is strong, while the elegant surroundings on campus are ideal for the students to live in. the College is full-time public, under the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education.

        In 1964, it was founded as the name of Xuzhou Chemical School. in 1998 the school opened Five-year vocational courses, then in 1999, the school was named " State-level key secondary school”; In 2002, with the approval of the provincial government, the school was upgraded to an independent and officially named "Xuzhou College of Industry Technology"; In the talent cultivation assessment of vocational colleges organized by the Education Ministry .in 2006, the college was awarded “Excellence”. we insist in the development strategy "based in North Jiangsu , target China and radiate the Yangtze River Delta", market-oriented theory, adhere to the educational philosophy of " pay special attention to School Quality and Distinctive Features ", Besides the educational features of” emphasize on the moral education as well as technical skills; Connect teaching courses with the real workstation, make students learn a lot in the real working environment”, and now, the school has developed into a comprehensive vocational college aiming at cultivating the creative talents for the service and manufacturing industry.
        The school has seven departments: Chemical Engineering and Technology, Department of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Technology, Department of Information Management Technology, Department of Materials Engineering, Department of Political Education and Research, Department of Physical Education, Continuing Education. Among the 42 majors at our college, Rubber processing and testing was assessed as Provincial model. polymer materials application technology, fine chemical production technology are provincial brand, besides, biological chemical processes and safety management have developed to provincial-specialty level, the majors are linked to Mechanical electrical, chemical food, information management, tourism, commerce and other eight industries; the majors are linked to Mechanical electrical, chemical food, information management, tourism, commerce and other eight industries; As to the scale, It has a total of 12,000 normal full-time college students, adult education and training of 5,000 people annually.
        We boast nearly 600 teachers, 85% of professional teachers are “double”, 35% of the total are professors, associate professors , 58% of the teachers have obtained master degree or above. We have 19 National experts and appraisers, 8 director and deputy director of National Steering Committee for Higher professional, , 2 famous teachers in University of Jiangsu Universities, 3 teachers awarded as “excellent” by National Chemical Vocational Education Committee, 8 teachers are trained as the provincial “blue developing object” ; there are two outstanding teams in Jiangsu Province, practice teaching team majoring in fine chemical, teaching team majoring in polymer material application technology. A lot of well-known experts across the country in industry are employed to be in charge of internal and external practical training for student guidance, help students to finish research projects, technology research and creative work, and based on the teaching model, an important team of part-time teachers was formed. During the “Eleventh Five” period, we have 147 patent declarations , 101 authorization, including 13 invention patents, 10 patent -transferred technology; in the last three years , a total commitment to all kinds of national and provincial scientific research projects amounted to 209, 11 projects were Awarded for provincial municipal Science and Technology Progress, 1 project was awarded for the Provincial Social Science Achievements, various types of funds for technology consulting amounted to 11 million yuan per year; A total of 674 published papers, 144 papers were published in Chinese core journals , 20 papers were retrieved in SCI, EI, 137 textbook published ,in which 30 textbooks are catalogued into national "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" material albums.
        It covers an area of 1100 mu with the total floorage 332,000㎡. It has a modern laboratory with the total floorage 24,000㎡, providing access, information retrieval, digital services; a multi-functional museum with the total floorage 14,000㎡, in which Physical training, the variety show, host major sports events are held. 40 on-campus practice & training sites, among of which 2 are assessed National-level, 3 Provincial-level. Equipment valued at 68,172,000 yuan;7 available off-campus practice bases by the Mission Central; 2 Provincial R & D Center. in recent years we obtained remarkable results in terms of cooperative education. In 2008, we established a cooperative relationship with nearly 500 large-scale enterprises. We launched the "hundreds of enterprises into the campus, hundreds of teachers in the Enterprise", and we promoted the training model orders, and ran classes in 20 enterprises. we further highlight the characteristic of "double subject cooperation”. Besides, we developed cooperation with foreign universities. At present, there are Canadian Loyalist classes, Australia UNESCO classes, the United States overseas。
        Since 2004, the college has been successively assessed as "advanced Employment work in Jiangsu University”. According to 2010 survey think Michael, graduates employment rate is above the average of 4 percentage points compared to that in the province of professional counterparts, and satisfaction rate is 5 percentage points higher than the provincial average; It ranked the top 10 vocational colleges across the province Jiangsu College Graduates Competitiveness Index, besides, we also received honors such as the "civilized schools in Jiangsu Province", "advanced sports school in Jiangsu Province", culture canteen in Jiangsu Province, and "civilized quarters," "entrepreneurship education model schools in Jiangsu Province", " construction of advanced spiritual civilization in Jiangsu Province " 。